BuraTAL-Flex 6250

BuraTAL-Flex 6250

BuraTAL-Flex 6250


BuraTAL-Flex 6250 is a concentrically braided packing with a dense PTFE yarn sleeve and a carbon yarn core. In addition it contains a special impregnation. 6250 is the preferred choice for fugitive emission, applications and for on/off and control valves.


  • Very low leakage rates
  • Permanently flexible, also after temperature cycles
  • Good pressure and extrusion resistance
  • Low friction
  • Easy handling

Operating range

Pressure: p = 300 bar
Sliding velocity: vg = 2 m/s

  • t = -100 °C … +280 °C

Chemical resistance:
pH = 0 ... 14
Density: 1.6 g/cm³

Standards and approvals

  • TA-Luft
  • ISO 15848

Forms of supply

  • Sold by length, blank cuts, precompressed rings with straight or slanted cut
  • Box contents
    up to 6,35 mm: 1 kg
    7 - 10 mm: 2 kg
    11 - 13 mm: 3 kg
    14 - 24 mm: 5 kg
    from 25 mm: 10 kg

Similar products

BuraTAL-Flex 6070

BuraTAL-Flex 6070 is a graphite-based, multi-layered high performance packing It is manufactured from high-purity expanded graphite yarn (>99 %) combined with a newly-developed high temperature impregnation. For long-term stable use in the high temperature range, the packing is additionally finished with a corrosion inhibitor. The multi-layer structure combines the benefits of maximum possible gap bridging due to the inner Inconel wire reinforcement with protection of the high-quality spindle surfaces in the valves. The packing can be installed without special end rings.

BuraTAL-Flex 6224

BuraTAL-flex 6224 is a diagonal braided packing made from a combination of Aramid and PTFE yarns with special impregnation. 6224 is the preferred choice for valves, especially low emission applications.

Chemstar L 6226/L

Chemstar L 6226/L is a diagonally braided 100% PTFE packing, impregnated with a PTFE dispersion. It is manufactured with sintered, high tensile PTFE multifilament yarns with intensive PTFE impregnation. The packing is commonly used in the chemical and food industries.

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